Unveiled YOU! is a liberating, life-changing women’s empowerment program that helps awaken and reclaim personal power through storytelling and community. After completing Uncover Your Truth! and Rewrite Your Story!, you have already done the hard and important work of digging in, acknowledging your past, opening up space for inner growth to find peace in the journey. YOU are becoming the highest YOU that you were meant to be. All of this is done through the lens of your own life stories.


Through the Unveiled YOU! program, you will experience the expansion and release of your inner power come alive. You can begin to live at a whole new level… YOU can step into your bravery and finally, free your story. In this 4-week program, you will go through the final phases of the "5 Phase Process" that leads you to the powerful moment of being witnessed by your community of women and giving your story a voice on the Unveiled Beauty stage.


Completion of Rewrite Your Story, 8-week narrative program is required before registering for Unveiled YOU!


Course Includes:

In person

experience throughout the 4 week program

8 hours of training, guidance, coaching, feedback and community support

Personal access to a published author and experienced narrative coach

A private one-on-one coaching session to prepare your story for the stage

Custom-designed public speaking course and individualized feedback

A licensed therapist offering

 expertise and mindfulness tools


Spot as a featured storyteller at a LIVE Unveiled Beauty

A professional headshot

Signed copy of Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories From a Poetic Heart book

Free Entrance to Sisterhood Network interactive presentations




Weeks 1, 2, 3 

Unveiled YOU! empowerment program starts with Phase IV. In Phase IV, we are given tools and guidance to confidently share our stories in public. We learn to lean into our truth and our power. In essence, we become the RULER of our memories. The Unveiled Beauty stage is only a physical space and we begin to realize our journey can be an inspiration to others. We use our courage and knowledge to stand up in front of our community, capture the audience’s attention, and build strong connections.




Week 4 

The final phase is the pinnacle of empowerment – sacred space where the power within us rises. As we are witnessed, we embody bravery by embracing our vulnerabilities, rather than turning away from them. In a hushed moment, we step onto stage and into the light and love of our community, and we realize we have been strong, powerful and brave all along. All we needed was the toolkit and the support of others to experience the power of owning our stories. By reaching this moment, we free ourselves. We are, now, ready to stand in our divine Beauty and Bravery. 



Deeper connection with your truth


Authentic connections with other professional women

Bravery in stepping into their vulnerability on stage


Guidance and feedback on public speaking​


Increased confidence, public speaking and storytelling skills

Newfound sense of power as you find peace with their story


Thoughts from Former Clients:

"I didn't know what to expect from this experience. I was extremely nervous to tell my story because of the shame I still carried from those experiences. However, I've learned that silence further isolates us and sharing my story on the Unveiled Beauty stage was one of the most liberating and empowering things I've done in my life. Thank you, Lisa for creating such a powerful and loving space where women can share their truth without fear of judgment."

Amanda Koonjbeharry,
Savage, MN

"Words can not describe how I felt on stage. Sharing my story at the Unveiled Beauty event was such an incredible experience. The platform Lisa has created for women is an inspiration and blessing to so many. For the first time in my life, I truthfully felt surrounded by love and support. I hope my story gave strength and hope to others. It has definitely changed my life.”

Marty Jo Endres,
Minneapolis, MN

“Last night was AMAZING! I did it! I got on that stage and I spoke in front of a room full of beautiful women. And it was EMPOWERING, INSPIRING, and exhilarating. And I was nervous. But I did it anyways. Being brave and courageous doesn't mean we don't get scared. It's doing something despite the fear. THANK YOU Lisa Harris for this movement. You are changing the world. Thank you for your guidance, love, and grace. Thank you for blessing me with this opportunity. I will never forget it." 

Sarah Anselment,
St. Cloud, MN


Unveiled YOU

Stand in your divine
Beauty & Bravery !

You are worth it.

It's time to Free Your Story!



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Due to COVID, this program will start-up again in 2021 when it is safe to do so.

Thank you for trusting us!

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