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This 4-week private coaching program helps you make sense of your Life Timeline through deeper exploratory work. With a narrative approach, we peel back the layers to find the underlying root of what’s holding you back. 

In the Unravel Your Timeline program, you will:

  • Use your Life Timeline as a tool to understand over-arching and reoccurring themes in your life.

  • Recognize patterns and connections to discover the heart of your story.

  • Gain fresh perspectives and re-build old stories with a new, empowering narrative.

  • Determine where to focus your energy for further growth and healing.

Uncover Your Truth, 4-week program is a pre-requisite to

Unravel Your Timeline, 4- week program.

Program Details:

Total of 3 virtual, private calls –

90 minutes each 

LIVE interaction and access to an experienced narrative coach and certified narrative therapist


assignments after

each session


4.5 hours of virtual private calls 



4 – 6 hours of independent work outside of calls

Responsible for scheduling calls within the 4-weeks


Complete  assigned work 24 hours prior to calls






After completing Uncover Your Truth, we are ready to explore a deeper level of vulnerability as you walk through our life story with a compassionate guide. In an intimate and judgment-free space, we unravel the elements of our life – from our greatest hopes and fears to core values to over-arching themes. This process helps to make meaning of our lives and discover where we need to shift unhealthy narratives to create movement and change in our lives.

Greater understanding of root causes and core values


Finding clarity


meaning–making narratives

Feeling a sense of hope as you

reframe your identity and story



Beautiful Lisa! You are such a bright light in this world. Thank you for sharing your passion for narrative therapy. It couldn't have come at a better time for me. The Unveiled Beauty programs were everything I needed to transfrom this last year and then some... into something greater. It has taught me that perspective is everything when it comes to how we show up in the world. The way we see ourselves and our world matters. I appreciate you more than words can say.


Ashley P.
Apple Valley, MN

Unravel Your Timeline
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Change your narrative. Change your life.


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