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This 4-week group coaching program teaches you how to build your Life Timeline, a visual and tangible tool to gain new life perspectives on your life story. With the Life Timeline, you will journey through time and further expand your personal growth and healing.

In the Uncover Your Truth program, you will:

  • Learn how writing and storytelling help in the healing process and deepens connections with others.

  • Expand your knowledge about narrative therapy and discover its holistic benefits.

  • Look at your life as the greatest story ever told.

  • Uncover positive life stories as a way of minimizing the space unhealthy experiences or beliefs occupy in your life.

  • Acknowledge the past by ​identifying events, characters, and narratives in your story, recognize belief systems, and begin laying down the foundation for change in your life.

A different and creative approach to complement the self-development work you are already doing.

Program Details:

Weekly virtual group sessions, 90 minutes (Total of 4 sessions) 

Weekly assignments, plus the Uncover Your Truth online workbook

Private Facebook group for community building and support

A tangible Life Timeline tool for ongoing personal growth



I recently went through the Uncover Your Truth program guided by Lisa Harris. She is amazing beyond words! This style of personal growth and development spoke to me in ways that nothing else has. Beneath my anger, I found a deep sadness I hadn't acknowledged or touched in a really long time. Normally, I would power through it because I thought that's what strong women do. In the end, it closed me off from a life of truth I desire for myself. This course helped me on my new journey. The work is hard, but it's worth it. 


Lisa, I am forever grateful for your persistence and ginormous heart. I look forward to more of your guidance and diving deeper with you.

Love, light, shadows and truth.

Mandy O.
St. Paul, MN

​I was drawn to Uncover Your Truth as a platform to shift my personal narrative lens, so I can better embrace my origin story and share my most authentic self with others. The Unveiled Beauty program was transformational and provided a safe and structured way to visually map out my personal timeline. The process enabled me to uncover so many memories I had locked away for decades. One of the most interesting and inspiring parts of the work was how building my timeline opened up healthy dialogue with family members about my past and our shared experiences.

Denise W.
Portland, OR

Enrolling in Uncover Your Truth was the perfect primer for writing my first memoir. That is the range this program offers – a courageous space to write about the mundane and the tragic, to start crafting a personal essay, to completing a full-length book about a season of your life. If you do the assignments and show up, you will tap into your voice and your story. 


Lisa starts Uncover Your Truth with trust building and boundary setting, which creates the bedrock for all her programming: sisterhood. I felt part of our intimate group and entrusted the women with my memory. What a gift! Uncover Your Truth embodies Lisa’s very nature – honorable, compassionate, and truthful. I highly recommend doing this work, as a gesture of healing and empowerment, to yourself and the world.

Shoshana K.
St. Paul, MN


6 hours of virtual group calls


8 – 12 hours of independent work outside of calls

Required attendance to all calls





We begin at the beginning – where healing and empowerment unfold. Unpacking our memories from our heads and hearts and moving them onto paper is the first step in your personal growth journey. We must bravely reflect on our entire life stories and learn to sit with both the pain and the moments of great joy. Once we've taken ample time to uncover the unique elements of our life story, we search for new memories to help shift our narrative and rebuild a truth that will empower us. 

Deep reflection and holistic view of your life's journey


Identifying prominent narratives, life lessons, and core values

Newfound sense of hope and peace in your story


Available Online Dates:

All classes will be available online from Noon - 1:30 PM CST. MUST attend LIVE virtual sessions. Any absences must be approved by the facilitator. Participants will receive an email 2 weeks prior to the first day of the course. Email will include online links and further information.

Here's what I have to say about the magic of this program: Creators, healers, dreamers - if you keep bumping up against your own voice, your own urge to do something different, to be your authentic self or help others in a way that feels genuine to you... You need this. I am willing to bet there is a story waiting to be uncovered, retold, and reimagined. If you're feeling blocked, it is likely because you are - let your stories be the key to opening the door. They definitely were for me.


After I took this Uncover Your Truth, I healed an old wound and turned around and self-published a reflection guide on Forgiveness, rebranded my business, and energetically shifted into a more authentic version of myself. Don't put it off, answer the call. There is more. It is waiting.


Shelby W.
Minneapolis, MN

Uncover Your Truth
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You are worth it.

Change your narrative. Change your life.

Thank you for trusting us!

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